Moorpark Presbyterian Church (MPC) is a loving church made up of many generations from a variety of backgrounds. We invite all to join us on the journey!Find out more about what we believe HERE.

Our 2019 Goals

  1. All things at MPC will be CHRIST-CENTERED.

  2. Enhance MPC’s value of being a LOVING FAMILY of faith - in ALL we do.

  3. Create a more inviting, inclusive, diverse and intergenerational WORSHIP LIFE.

  4. Enhance our ministries to CHILDREN, YOUTH and FAMILIES.

  5. Make SMALL GROUP MINISTRIES our primary vehicle for care and growth.


What to Expect - We are a relaxed congregation of all ages and backgrounds who invite all to join us for our Sunday worship gatherings and other church events. There is no standard of attire and we love meeting new friends during, before and after our services!

Our Worship Services - During the summer (starting on June 23) we will have one worship service at 10am on Sundays. Our services offer a variety of music styles and always include biblical messages. Join us!

For more about worship, please click HERE.

Bible Studies, Small Groups and more - MPC has a growing community of small groups and Bible studies that meet throughout the week and on Sundays. There are book study groups, gatherings for men and for women, our Yoga Chapel, Bible study groups and more. To learn more, click HERE.

Children, Teens and Families - We are a multi-generational church with something for every member of the family. Our thriving children’s ministry helps kids learn the truth of God’s Word and how much Jesus loves them. Discover more about Children’s Ministry HERE. Our Renew Youth ministry impacts teens in and around Moorpark as well as globally with mission trips to places like Romania, Mexico and more. You can find out all about Renew Youth HERE. Our ministries for men and women include recreation, retreats, dinners and a lot more! Find out about our Men’s Ministries HERE. And learn all about our Women’s Ministries HERE.

MPC offers something for everyone!